A stroll in the park

On Saturday I took a walk in the nearby park called Tritsi Park, which is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) in Athens. Thankfully the weather was good, no wind or rain. One of resolutions is to start walking more, and later progress to running, so it was a good first walk.

First Meeting


Yesterday was the first meeting of our new team (Mobile Telecommunications Tech Group). Our team gathered for a small forum and some initial impressions on working together.

A team selfie is a requirement these days :

Team selfie

Team selfie

And after some debate, it was time for a brainstorming session :



Happy Times!

To-Do List (October edition)

Summer is over, we have successfully moved in a new home, so it’s time for a to-do list (to have a public reference point, to keep myself under check – I know, I’m this kind of person)

  • Finish moving in the last of our stuff in the house.
  • Make an IKEA run for some new stuff.
  • Setup my local network.
  • Install a current OS on my laptop.
  • Install a media center OS on my HTPC.
  • Make an Owncloud Server.
  • Catch up with my favorite TV Shows and watch new ones.
  • Start a bit of running in the nearby park.
  • Start having an even healthier approach to life (eating / sleep patterns etc).

Hopefully it’s going to be a full October, these aren’t a lot of stuff for a to-do list, but it’s my first try so I’ll go easy this time.

Moving out / in / on…

So this is it! After an exhausting weekend (plus two more week days), moving in our new apartment is almost done. Our moving was a bit frustrating, the new apartment wasn’t emptied till the last day, we had to leave our previous house immediately, kind of a little mess. Anyway it was all sorted out, we moved in, on Saturday 27th of September, in a beautiful flat with three bedrooms (one will be used as an office), two W.Cs, a huge living room/kitchen, plus a fireplace and all the amenities, also it is situated in a nice quiet neighboorhood in the suburbs.

Can’t wait to finish unpacking and decorate our house!