Steps Forward

Sometimes life catches up to you, sometimes you don’t even have time to install an OS on your machine, or even plug in your media system.

But hey that’s OK!

Since July my life has changed, dramatically some may say. We are waiting the birth of our daughter, we moved in a new apartment, we got married… One of these alone can consume all of your free time, all three at the same time… fun times!! I am not complaining, on the contrary, I believe all these have helped shape me as a more mature person, someone who can take all these responsibilities and at the same time have a good time.

As the end of the year is drawing near, it is time for a good inside talk, what I’ve achieved, where I excelled, where I have fallen short. Mostly where I’ve fallen short of myself, my wife and the circumstances. I will not hide behind my thumb, all these changes took me by surprise, even took me to a bleak “place”. But today I have a more positive attitude towards life and what’s to come.

I believe I’m ready.

Aftermath (wedding thoughts)

That was that!!… After much anxiety coupled with weariness, but with overall happiness and expectation.. We got married last Saturday on the 22th of November in Kamatero, Athens.
Thankfully the weather was good, just a little chilly after sunset, so there were a little less than 400 people in the ceremony.
The ceremony itself lasted 1 hour – give or take – we on the other hand believed it lasted only half an hour, nervousness had kicked in.
The reception afterwards was beautiful, we had a video with photographs as we were growing up before our entrance under the sound of Scorpion’s Hurricane 2000 with the Berlin Orchestra.
No more details on the wedding though, shared enough. So CHEERS to our new life…

A stroll in the park

On Saturday I took a walk in the nearby park called Tritsi Park, which is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) in Athens. Thankfully the weather was good, no wind or rain. One of resolutions is to start walking more, and later progress to running, so it was a good first walk.

First Meeting


Yesterday was the first meeting of our new team (Mobile Telecommunications Tech Group). Our team gathered for a small forum and some initial impressions on working together.

A team selfie is a requirement these days :

Team selfie

Team selfie

And after some debate, it was time for a brainstorming session :



Happy Times!

To-Do List (October edition)

Summer is over, we have successfully moved in a new home, so it’s time for a to-do list (to have a public reference point, to keep myself under check – I know, I’m this kind of person)

  • Finish moving in the last of our stuff in the house.
  • Make an IKEA run for some new stuff.
  • Setup my local network.
  • Install a current OS on my laptop.
  • Install a media center OS on my HTPC.
  • Make an Owncloud Server.
  • Catch up with my favorite TV Shows and watch new ones.
  • Start a bit of running in the nearby park.
  • Start having an even healthier approach to life (eating / sleep patterns etc).

Hopefully it’s going to be a full October, these aren’t a lot of stuff for a to-do list, but it’s my first try so I’ll go easy this time.