Leaving Google behind…

When I first decided to quit every aspect of my online life, one of the steps was to leave Google and all it’s products behind.

But… when I created this blog, I wanted to track the page hits and visits. One of the tools necessary was Google Analytics, so I linked my @bytesoup mail with Google, and afterwards started using Google Hangouts and Google Plus for the whole of my communication. Also Android needsĀ a Google account to use it on it’s full potential. So this “necessary” evil turned me back to my old habits.

As I have now found a way to check my blog through other means, I have left Google Hangouts and Google Plus behind and have been using Firefox both on my desktop and Android phone, the only thing tying me with Google is the Play Store. But I have decided to use an alternative solution, F-Droid. I believe leaving behind the easiness of some of Google’s products will need a getting used to process (which will be documented), but I think it is worth it. The only product I am going to miss is the personalised Google Maps.

On this process, I will also change my search engine to DuckDuckGo.

P.S Facebook stays installed mostly for communication reasons.