Manually install GTK themes in Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a desktop environment both elegant (through the GTK 3+ engine) and usable (reminding a traditional desktop setup). One of the great features it holds, is the easiness when it comes to installing themes for the taskbar and menu, it can be achieved through the System Settings -> Themes tab.

My only “bug” was that, even if you had installed a dark theme (like Dark Void) the global ones (for Nemo, Rhythmbox, Banshee, Totem etc), are restricted to white and  gray variants like MintX and adwaita. I wanted something like GNOME’s global dark theme.

My online search has directed me to installing GTK themes through PPAs, which incidentally work without hassle. But I don’t want to clutter my PPA list with sources for these kind of things, I like keeping things minimal even in that. So the only alternative was to install my downloaded dark themes manually.

The steps needed are below :

First of all, open Nemo as root and navigate to :


and paste the extracted folders of your themes

Afterwards from the Terminal :

tasos@Synapse ~ $ cd /usr/share/themes/
tasos@Synapse ~ $ sudo chown -R tasos <name of theme>/

This is it. Now the new global theme can be found under System Settings -> Themes-> Window Borders and System Settings -> Themes -> Controls.

PS. There may be a small bug when showing the thumbnail when choosing your themes, which doesn’t affect the theme itself.