Social Detox

Continuing my thread on the #! forums, on my withdrawal from several social sites. I believe the most accurate description was that i got sucked in them. The constant refresh of the timeline, the “need” to post happy/interesting photos for the acceptance of your friends/followers (many of whom you haven’t seen or talked in years) is consuming, both in time and your personal life.

Why I withdrawed? To take a deep breath, re-evaluate the use of social media and focus on other stuff, like my personal life, my hobbies, and generally my offline life. And you know what? It feels nice, removing this distractions, I may re-use some social media sites sooner or later, but it will be for a different reason, networking for example. I’m now focusing on recreating my local hardware network (more on this on a later post).

One great video on Youtube, about the fake faces we put on when using social media sites, I believe has grasped the essence of today’s online problem :