I have been using Antergos Arch on my laptop for about 20 days now and I’m still going strong about using it. The system, codenamed Synapse, boots in about 25 seconds, including password input, to desktop ready state (Desktop environment, Conky and Plank).

Antergos Arch, I used the Cinnamon version for my laptop, did not need much change from my part to fit my needs, only the much needed settings changes, some software install/uninstall and partial iredesktop tweaking. It’s only shortcoming was the absence of a Bluetooth applet, which can be easily be bypassed using the Terminal commands for Bluetooth connections.

On the software side of things, my first changes were to uninstall just three applications : Chromium Browser, Xnoise and Totem video player. But I went on to install the following :

Firefox Browser
VLC video player
GIMP for image manipulation
Conky (from AUR)
Guake dropdown terminal
and Archey3 for some Terminal ASCII art

And that’s it, for the time being not much else is needed in terms of software (and I believe more would mean bloat).

Some other changes came in the form of applets, extensions, desklets and themes for Cinnamon. I installed Weather and Places applets with the Maximus extension. When it comes to theming Cinnamon, I manually installed a couple of dark GTK3 themes along with the following Cinnamon Spices, constantly changing between :

Dark Void
iOS (personally tweaked a bit)
Numix Frost (came preinstalled)

Thus coming to my latest desktop :